Ground Floor Gallery is a new contemporary space in The Complex, Dublin City Centre.


We aspire to host innovative and unique exhibitions with a strong curatorial approach. The gallery space is available from 25th of September onwards. Proposals are accepted for a wide variety of art practices with low rates to help boost visual arts culture in Dublin. The gallery will function as a space to nurture and develop contemporary arts. Ground Floor Gallery is currently seeking interest from creative and professionally minded groups and individuals, based regionally and nationally. The aim of the gallery is to act as a catalyst in the development of emerging artists, while also providing a non traditional space for established artists to promote new works.


For all inquiries contact Mark O’Gorman at or phone 01-5446922





The child She didn’t want, but the State did at Ground Floor Gallery 24 May 2018 

Performance by Léann Herlihy.










‘The blood-dimmed tide is loosed’ at Ground Floor Gallery 17 May 2018

A solo exhibition of works by Eleanor McCaughey

Photos By Steven Maybury







































STREAM at Ground Floor Gallery 10 May 2018 

Works by

Alex de Roeck                                   Paul McGrane

Ciaran Gallen                                   Mark O’Gorman

Peadar Jolliffe-Byrne                     Ronan O’Reilly

Paddy Joe Rickard                          Leonard Traynor








WETWARE at Ground Floor Gallery 22 March 2018

A group exhibition of works by

Emma Howe                            Peter Smyth

Hannah Bloom                       Alex Harvey

Janis Liepa                              Ricky Lahart

Julie Weber






how to grow (blackmoon) – GumXStream at Ground Floor Gallery, 18 April 2018

Gum Collective







EMBER at Ground Floor Gallery 21 Dec 2017

Performance by El Putnam

Live sound work by David Stalling





Welcome to The Anthropocene at Ground Floor Gallery 15 December 2017

Laura Skehan





STREAM Presents Culture Night at Ground Floor Gallery, The Complex 22 September 2017

An exhibition of works by

Eileen Hutton

Paul Rosser

Kevin Smith






STREAM presents SANDMAN at Ground Floor Gallery 27 July 2017

An exhibition of works by

Shane Bergin                                                        Léann Herlihy

Stephen Lau                                                         Mark O’Gorman

Ronan O’Reilly                                                     Paul McGrane






STREAM at Ground Floor Gallery, 20 April 2017

An exhibition of works by

Bassam al Sabah                               Paul McGrane

Alex de Roeck                                    Mark O’Gorman

Peadar Joliffe Byrne                        Ronan O’Reilly

Paddy Joe Rickard                           Leonard Traynor