Opening Reception: Friday 8th July, 2011
Time: 6pm
Dates: 8th-29th July 2011
Gallery Hours: 12pm- 6pm daily

SeeChange is a constellation of images created through the exchange and visual conversation between a collective of photographers. SeeChange began earlier in the year with each photographer submitting one ‘start’ photo to an online forum.

In response, each photographer took an image from this photographic pool to inspire their own image. These images, in turn, were fed back into the existing pool. acting as another stimulus and encouraging further responses. More images were created, triggering more group responses, splintering into more images.

Inspiration and responses happened along multiple vectors, and through multiple touchpoints, creating a constellation of images. Over time, the collective has built up a multi-part visual conversation, embodying the spirit of Collaborative Change. The SeeChange exhibition is the result of that conversation.

Curated by: Louise Marlborough- PrettyVacant
Including work by: Sanna Fisher-Payne, Rosaria Forcisi, Karen Forrester, Louise Marlborough, Agnese Sanvito and Lucienne Brennan.
View the PhotoIreland collection on  here.