“Enthusiasm is the energy and force that builds literal momentum of the human soul and mind.” – Bryant H. McGill

The physicists tell us momentum is the meeting of mass and velocity, but within an artistic context, we understand it as the drive to make – and to keep at it – and once the momentum finally builds, there is inevitably an energized outpouring as evidenced in this body of work.

The majority of this group met while studying in NCAD – within its confines, there is an unavoidable momentum as each student is propelled towards a project deadline.

It is another task to keep a practice lit once holed up in the self-directed studio.

For this collective, their practices have been built on a keen perceptiveness of each artist’s place in the world. Nature’s swim – whether elemental or urban – is central to the work. In the artists’ words, they are driven by: ‘Beauty, wildness, industry, islands as bound spaces, the mystery of decay, the ordinary transformed …’ A perceptiveness and an ability to convey their experiences with ‘wild enthusiasm’ is clear in the strongly individualistic works of this exhibition.