Winner at Writers’ Week 2015, Strive Theatre brings In Light of Salt Rings They Drew by Sadhbh Moriarty to The Complex for two nights only!

After a car crash that can’t be explained, Maisie reluctantly takes up residence in a mental rehabilitation centre for a period of observation. When her only link to the outside world receives a nomination for Best Supporting Actress, Maisie struggles to balance the harrowing anticipation she has for her daughter with the eccentricity of the staff and patients at St. Elmo’s. As the award ceremony draws nearer, nicotine cravings, apprehension and scrapbooks dominate Maisie’s temporary surroundings as the ghosts of memories she would rather forget begin to re-emerge.

“New playwright Sadhbh Moriarty trumpets her arrival with her stage play In Light of Salt Rings they Drew – intricate and intriguing and dripping with pain-filled humanity. It is a stunning debut indeed”.
-Billy Roche, Playwright

“In Light of Salt Rings They Drew is a lesson in fearless theatre and refusing to work within any kind of limitations, and that’s exactly what theatre should be” -Anna Hayes, The Wexford Echo

“A wonderful production – all I can say is treat yourself and go! Sublime, wonderfully written and excellent performances”
-Michael Conway, Raven Theatre Director

Directed by Sadhbh Moriarty and Ciarán MacArtain

Starring Nikki Burke, Cornelius Dwyer, Shannon Smythe, Ellen Quirke and Rachel Feeney.

Booking highly recommended.
Phone: (01) 544 6922

Starts 8pm. Tickets €10/12.