Complex Youth Theatre presents their devised show, “PORTSROCK”. Funded as part of the Youth in Action project (Leargas) and with the support of DCC, CDYSB, The Complex, An SIol and local senior citizens groups, this exciting project explores the legacy of past stories, mythical and factual.

“PORTSROCK”, is a historic fishing village that has had its fair share of doom and gloom, especially once a year when a legendary myth hangs heavily over the local people. In its distant past the village was rich with good luck stories but has been unable to break free for fear of reputation, prejudice and rejection. This year is going to be different as some of the young people of “PORTSROCK” defy all the usual advice and battle the odds to challenge this myth. Will they succeed and will their positive energy conquer the negativity of the past?

Join us and find out!