Roxana Manouchehri is a visual artist based in Studio 4, here in The Complex in Dublin.
Her works include paintings, installation, photography and drawing.
Her inspiration is derived from her environment, childhood memories, her hometown
and Persian miniatures. We took some time out to ask Roxana 5 questions and here is what she said…

1. What gave you the impulse to decide to become a visual artist?

I studied math in high school but I used to go to a drawing class from age 12 and I was very good at drawing.
I have decided to study art in university and I did my Master in fine art,
I would go same if life give me a second chance with no doubt.
2. What keeps you inspired the most?
My personal complicated life and all the different countries I lived in and I traveled to.
The contrasts and  similarities between cultures are the most interesting and inspiring aspects to my practice.
3. How does your studio space affect your work? Is it important to you or could you work anywhere? 
It is very important. When I had a large studio in Seoul, I started to work on really big scale paintings and it was heaven!!
What I definitely need in a studio is natural light, clean and quiet space and some white clean walls.
4. Would you say you work better under pressure or without deadlines?
I prefer to have deadlines.
I work in my studio everyday but if I have an exhibition plan I work more focused.
5. What piece of advice would you have for aspiring visual artists in making career choices?
If someone want to be a professional visual artist with no second job, he/she should know that there are lots of up and downs on this road.
The creation love affair is the engine of this job and there are always ways to survive like teaching art.