1. Tell us, how did you get into acting?

I was a student at University of Michigan, and a friend of mine from Monkstown, Des Ryan, got me into a production of ‘Hogan’s Goat’ at the Ann Arbor Civic Theatre. I switched over to drama, and later moved to NYC.  I went directly to the Irish Arts Centre there, and they had me in a play three days later, called Down the Flats.  I later became a member of The Actors Studio there.

2. How did you prepare to become Francie Brady?
My Grandmother was from Monaghan, so I was familiar with the accent from her brothers and sisters etc. It is a complex script, and required a lot of work.
3. Were you a  fan of “The Butcher Boy”?
I loved the film. I studied the script and made character choices based on his story.
4. As an actor, what do you find most challenging?
Most challenging here was the switching from character to character, and the enormous amount of ‘business’ involving the puppets.
5. How have you found working at The Complex and how important is the space you preform in when contributing to your performance?
The Complex is a great venue, intimate and well situated. The perfect place to get this innovative piece off the ground. I’ve enjoyed getting to know Pat McCabe, the fine writer of the play.
“The Leaves of Heaven” By Pat McCabe runs until Sunday the 27th of November.