1. Tell us how you got into acting.As I child I was terrible at practicing the piano and I begged my parents to do drama instead. That’s how I got into acting. Though I did get a degree in Biotechnology and worked in the microbiology field for a few years before turning professional.


2. How do you manage to play so many characters and make them so individually distinctive?

My approach to the different characters is lead by the writing. When I read a script, I can hear the voices and can visualise them, the way they move etc. I try to internalise it and with the help of the director, we try to make it work.



3. Do you have to make a cultural leap in your head before doing accents or is it just a sound thing?

Cultural leap? I don’t know. There are some phrases that can be handy to get yourself in the zone of an accent – for example, for Yorkshire, I say “there’s now as queer as folk” while elongating vowels. I once had a line or two to do in a Longford accent and I tried to imitate Ciarán Mullooly from RTE, who has a lovely Longford accent. My Longford accent is shockingly bad.




4. Do you think the waking the feminists group are making an impact? or any progress?

I’m a big supporter of Waking The Feminists and yes it has been a big wake up call for Irish Theatre. I admire Lian Bell so much as a designer and also for all she has done to promote gender equality in theatre.



5. How have you enjoyed working at the Complex?

It has been a pleasure working at the complex. Vanessa and all the team have been great. It’s a terrific venue.