In an underground rave a collective of people find their voice, their sound and their home – SLSD.
This original piece of theatre explores club culture and the power of the collective through a unique combination of the spoken word, music and striking visuals.

“Filth of a fabulous time lost to the world found in this fabled wonderland. And let me tell you, it’s fantastic. Flick your eyes open and closed like the lenses of the lost time. Click click click your fingers for the rhythm of the beat. Make it your own. Kiss, touch, be touched. Tranced.”

The individual lost and a movement found. SLSD’s story is told from inside its walls by the people entranced by its allure. Outside these walls, they stand alone but inside they speak as one.

No Kissin’ Ensemble invites the audience member to join the movement as a patron of SLSD. Experience the sound, the place and the people.

There will never be another night like this.



Preview:   Thursday 21st September, 10pm

Show:        Friday 22nd September, 8pm & 10pm
                   Saturday 23rd September, 8pm & 10pm
Tickets €14/€12 conc.