On Friday 4 March The Complex will be hosting a live performance art event by Livestock.

“LIVESTOCK is a bi-monthly platform for performance art, initiated in The Market Studios on Halston Street, Dublin 7 in 2008, and which ran until 2014 when the Market Studios closed.
Eager to find our way back to the area where we were ‘born’ and had grown a loyal following, LIVESTOCK is now situated in The Complex, Little Green Street, Dublin 7, already established as a bridge between the community and cultural awareness.

We bring our own unique addition and cultural value to the Dublin 7 area, shining a light and raising awareness of a marginalised art form by providing a valuable firsthand experience of live performance art.

LIVESTOCK provides a platform for both young and more established performance artists to access audiences, facilitating ng them in developing their work and finding further opportunities for their practice.

As the only remaining regular platform for performance art in Dublin, we are delighted to be in the Markets area of Dublin 7, bringing audiences from the local area and further afield together for evenings of thought-provoking, exciting and stimulating visual, sonic and embodied performance experiences.”

The event is kindly being sponsored by the Dice Bar,