The Cobblestone at The Complex




“A Celebration of Irish Culture”

 It will take place throughout the day, catering for families including children and people of all ages. The Complex is the ultimate north side arts venue”.

This event is to mark St Patrick’s day after the parade. Doors open at 2.30 to a warm, hearty open plan venue in which children are free to dance to traditional music, whilst their parents have a place to sit down, eat hot food and have a glass of something to ease the day in. In the evening the venue will be open  to those unlucky people who cannot get into the Cobblestone Bar and are looking for a similar experience with a bar and a traditional session from 6 pm until midnight. There is something for everyone. Tickets on the door @ €5, or €10 each after 6pm. 

“The Complex has teamed up with the iconic traditional music destination, the Cobblestone Bar in Smithfield Square, to curate “A celebration of Irish Culture” like no other.

Information see or or inquiries phone 01-5446922


The Schedule for the days festivities:

2.30 pm- Opening 


3.30 – 5 pm- Mary Beth Taylor will teach Irish dancing for the family. Beginners welcome. Children welcome.


5 – 6 pm Sean- Nos for intermediate dancers. Led by Padraig McInnney. 


6pm -12am- Traditional music session.


Tickets are €5 before 6pm and €10 there after, Bar and hot food available.