Students Create: Choice was born out of a desire to create a body of work that documents the passion and power with which students and artists have fought, and continue to fight, for the repeal of the 8th Amendment. IADTSU focuses on the intersection between art and activism, and how these worlds influence and support each other. We wanted to create an exhibition that is not just a showcase of artwork but also a place for learning, collaborating and developing our understanding of why we’re campaigning for a yes vote.We will have a line-up of speakers from the many different areas of the abortion rights campaign; art is already a space for learning and growth, but we want this exhibition to be as constructive and non-judgemental a space as possible, where people feel free to ask questions, critique, build bridges and develop our own understandings about abortion and abortion access.The movement for choice in Ireland was created by grassroot campaigns and the incredible work of Irish activists, including student activism. They have built something monumental, something that has forever changed a country and its culture, and now Students Create: Choice wants to be both a part of and a tribute to this movement.Closing event Thursday 12th of April 6-8pm.

Artists involved include;
Becks Butler, Becky O’Sullivan ,Carly Moffit, Chloe E. Power, Ciara Doherty, Daniel Keogh, Elena Horgan, Emma Banks, Haley Myatt, Jack Kirwan, Jane Murphy, Jenny Byrne, Jessica Skelton, Jialin Long, Joe Ryan, Karen Byrne, Kate Murphy, Laura Murphy, Louisa Keogh, Orla Reilly, Saoirse Carey, Sean McGuill

Curated by Emma McKeagney